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Optimal DO-254 Engineering Route Figure, from Jack Jones

Optimal DO-254 Route – See Figure Below

Fellow Avionics Hardware Engineers – I was teaching an Advanced DO-254 course in U.K. to an MOD group (Remotely; thank you Covid-19) and this chart below from our training slides was voted the Most Useful. I think because it summarizes all-too-simply the optimum DO-254 lifecycle engineering route. Of course you can make this more complex and add ARP4754A/4761 Safety/Systems feedbacks, PA transitions, Supplier Audits, etc. But for one picture, this is usually highly appreciated. The “boss” said I could post this freely. Enjoy (and thanks Boss).


FYI, I contributed to a free DO-254 PDF Introduction Whitepaper – you can download it freely here to get an intro DO-254 Training: https://afuzion.com/do-254-introduction/