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Free Tech Webinar: Compilers, Cyber-Security, & Testing for Aviation Software

This Free AFuzion & Solid Sands Technical Training Webinar teaches key technical aspects of safety-critical testing related to cyber-security and compilers.

Testing your safety-critical software AFTER it’s developed is an obvious mandate within all related Standards. However, using testing to improve product quality after development is costly, slow, and haphazard. What if you increased focus on PREVENTING software defects by first addressing compiler and library quality BEFORE you developed your safety-critical application? At the same time, cyber-security and reliability aspects must be consider before, during, and after development. What are the implications and best practices to make more reliable software tomorrow, by beginning today?

This free 1-hour technical webinar provides critical details and best practices. Attend to turn Safety-Critical into Cyber-Secure & Reliable. (Sorry, our server is limited to 500 registrants and most past webinars were over-subscribed; we ask that you limit your company’s attendance to no more than five individuals please to enable others to register also). Please note there are two times for this webinar on June 4, 2020: sign up for the ONE which suits you best.

Registrants may download a free DO-326A Cyber-Security whitepaper in advance at any time if they need a refresher – free download here: https://afuzion.com/do-326a-ed-202a-aviation-cyber-security/

Register here (Free): https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/rt/4694181682970678288