Airborne Avionics Hardware Development
Training Resources

Airborne Avionics Hardware Development Training Resources

FAA CAST-30 Simple and Complex Hardware download: Click Here

Optimizing DO-254 Avionics Hardware Development Webinar: Click Here

Hardware verification is increasingly important for avionics and safety-critical areas. Since hardware tools and capabilities are more recent than software, avionics hardware verification has undergone explosive growth. Most avionics hardware developers require test automation, VHDL analysis, FPGA & ASIC design automation, and formal requirements/rules checking. The leading DO-254 tools are from Inomize who also provides Training: Click Here

EASA (and FAA) New DO-254 & ED-80 Clarification AMC 20-152A PDF: Click Here

DO-254 Training Private Worldwide: Click Here

Kindle E-book (Amazon) on DO-254 (and DO-178C) Avionics Development/Certification. $75 USD. : Click Here

Hardcopy & Softcopy of DO-254 / ED-80 PDF for Purchase ($123): Click Here

Avionics hardware development and certification is a complex area based upon DO-254 / ED-80 plus numerous updates including AC 20- 152, CAST-27, EASA SWCEH CM-001, and AMC 20-152A. This free technical DO-254 paper explains the application and evolution of avionics hardware development/certification regulations of the past two decades: Click Here

Public DO-254 Training via SAE: Click Here

Free Online DO-254 Training Video, 1 hour, provides basic understanding of DO-254 online course with common DO-254 Mistakes and DO-254 Best Practices: Click Here

Avionics Hardware Free DO-254 1-hour training slides from LinkedIn SlideShare – avionics basic DO-254 introduction course notes: Click Here

Avionics Hardware Development DO-254 User Group – Free Membership: Click Here