Ground Systems Development Training Resources

Ground Systems Development Training Resources

Communication Navigation Systems, Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM) encompasses worldwide infrastructures for aviation operations. DO-278A is the worldwide standard for CNS/ATM certification compliance. NASA provides good CNS/ATM Information per DO-278A: Click Here

Understanding DO-278A for CNS/ATM – Free Whitepaper: 10+ pages of technical information on applying DO-278A for CNS/ATM per FAA and EASA (and other certification authorities) rules; includes satellites: Click Here

ICAO CNS/ATM Training Slides. ICAO publishes a variety of aviation technical information, particularly on CNS/ATM systems: Click Here

Training in DO-278A for CNS/ATM: DO-278A is somewhat similar to DO-178C however there are key difference with Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) software and hardware, and Service History. Also, there is an intermediate level between black-box / whitepaper termed Assurance Level (AL) 4. Training in DO278A is extremely helpful to productively apply DO-278A certification guidance:
Click Here

CNS ATM Library: extensive library on CNS/ATM information: Click Here

DO-278A CNS/ATM Best Practices Free Whitepaper -10+ technical DO- 278A pages on helpful how-to tips for DO278: Click Here