Aircraft & Avionics Systems Development
Training Resources

Aircraft & Avionics Systems Development Training Resources

FAA Aircraft Certification Information – the Federal Aviation Administration has ample free publications on aircraft certification and high-level materials related to DO-178C (software), DO-254 (hardware) and even ARP4754A (now mandatory for most aircraft and systems certification). FAA Cert info is here: Click Here

Aircraft and avionics systems require strict compliance regulations including Technical Standard Orders (TSO’s), Type Certification (TC), Supplemental Type Certification (STC), and Production Manufacturing Approval (PMA). This complex aviation field covers a plethora of certification guidance which is explained in this free whitepaper. Click Here

The USA Federal Aviation Administration provides a variety of paid and free aviation and aircraft certification training and oversight. Details on FAA Training for Civil Aviation Authorities is available here: Click Here

Worldwide civil and military aircraft and avionics systems are typically mandated (or encouraged) to follow ARP4761 for Safety and ARP4754A for Aircraft and Systems development and certification. ARP4754A training and ARP4761 courses are typically necessary for new practitioners and engineers. This group has trained over 24,000 engineers worldwide: Click Here

EASA provides a range of various virtual aviation training options via its Virtual Technical Training: Click Here

ARP4754A training video (including ARP4761 video training) – 1 hour technical video explaining basic ARP4754A / ARP4761A along with safety assessments, FHA, PSSA, SSA, FMEA and common cause analysis. Click Here

FAA provides a range of various virtual aviation training options including Safety Training: Click Here

Aircraft and Avionics Safety ARP4761A Training: Click Here

AEA provides a variety of good Avionics Technician Training: Click Here

An online Aviation Certification group provides a set of free aviation certification, development, and verification 1-hour training videos: Aviation Certification Online Webinar Series Click Here

Aviation Cyber-Security is increasingly important for aviation developers and operators; guidelines including DO-326A and ED-202A document set cover Cyber-Security IT, software development with cyber awareness, cyber-security tools, and aviation software operational considerations via malware prevention, detection, and mitigation. DO-326A cyber-security training is provided here: Click Here