Aviation Engineering

Aviation engineering comprises a continually evolving field, focusing upon structures, propulsion, fixed-wing, rotary wing, hybrids, electric, unmanned, military, commercial, software, hardware, and systems. At the forefront of each field is “safety” for the simple reason aircraft crashes are always undesirable. Today, aviation is the safest form of transportation, with just 0.07 deaths per billion passenger miles. In contrast, motorcycles
are 3,000 times more dangerous with 213 deaths per billion passenger miles. The resources below have the goal of using engineering to improve aviation safety even further, while simultaneously optimizing cost, time-tomarket, and reusability.

Inomize is a professional Research & Development company specializing in ASIC & FPGA design and manufacturing of hardware solutions for OEMs & ODMs. Inomize successfully delivers cutting-edge projects in FET, mixed signal IC, analog, RF, BCD and high voltage technologies. Click Here

List of top aviation/aerospace engineering universities: Click Here

Aviation Safety and systems engineering services per SAE ARP4754A and SAE ARP4761A to develop aircraft and system Functional Hazard Assessments, Preliminary Aircraft/System Assessments, Fault Trees, CMA, FMEA, ZSA et al. Click Here

Becoming an FAA Designated Engineering Representative (DER). Click Here

Gatehouse provides communications and satellite engineering services and products. Click Here

Solid Sands provides software compiler services including compiler qualification and optimization per safety-critical (including aerospace/avionics) standards. Click Here

AFuzion provides aviation and avionics development and certification engineering services per DO-178C, DO-254, DO-200B, DO-326A, and DO-278A Click Here

List of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) engineering jobs and careers. Click Here

European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) rules and guidelines for becoming a Compliance Verification Engineer (CVE). Click Here

Intelligent Aerospace description of UAV engineering applying DO178C (Software) and DO-254 (Hardware) for engineering and certification. Click Here

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