Verification Tools

Verification Tools

Aviation Verification is an often misunderstood blend of “science” and “art”. Verification consist of reviews, tests, and analysis for software (DO-178C) and hardware (DO-254) levels, however additional methods including simulation, demonstration, and modeling are used at the system and aircraft level (ARP4754A). Over time, verification costs can exceed development costs, so verification tools are an important ingredient to efficient aviation verification. These tools automate, manage, and provide consistent evidence of compliant verification required by certification entities worldwide per DO-178C, ED-12C, DO-254, DO-326A, ED-202A, ARP4754A, ARP4761A, and other aviation guidelines. CERTegic is independent of any aviation/avionics product or tool company so independently provides the following list of the most commonly used verification tools and products in each category of aviation verification:

Software Static Analysis Tools:

Used to statically analyze (e.g. parse the source code) and detect errors and potential errors as well as provide code quality and efficiency metrics; typically a part of the Software Development Plan and Software Verification Plan per DO-178C and DO-278A:

Hardware Verification/Analysis Tools:

Used to statically and dynamically verify hardware designs (including VHDL) to detect errors and potential errors as well as provide logic quality and efficiency metrics; typically a part of the Hardware V&V Plan per DO-254:

Software Dynamic Analysis Tools:

Used to dynamically (e.g. via actual run-time execution) execute software on either a host, emulator, simulator, or target environment. Depending upon the tool sophistication may have the ability to aggregate tests, perform DO-178C structural analysis, regression testing, and change-based testing. For dynamic testing: Since avionics testing costs can exceed development costs over product lifetime, a dynamic testing tool should be chosen which is: automated, host and target-based, provides all coverage levels including DAL A MCDC, broad platform and compiler support, easy IDE, full reporting, and includes a DO-178C Qualification Kit per DO-330. An example of such a tool is Testwell, by Verifysoft:

Verification tool usage should be detailed within the Software Verification Plan per DO-178C and DO-278A. Additional relevant verification tools and resources are below:

Aviation Testing Resources (Free):

Testing aviation software (DO-178C), Hardware( DO-254) and Systems (ARP4754A) is a complex and costly activity, therefore high motivation exists for automation and productivity improvements. The following free resources are available to enable improved aviation testing:

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