Aviation Development Information

Aviation Development Information

Aviation development is an increasingly complex field. The role of the non-profit and independent CERTegic consortium is to provide a single-point reference to technical information and tools to better navigate these complexities. Aviation systems also typically require certification, compliance or qualification. These pages summarize the differences and provide links to best-in-class resources to further understanding. Use this page’s menu to access information on Aviation Development Tools, Verification Tools, and Aviation Acronyms.

Aviation development applies to ground-based, airborne, and background systems. But development is just part of the picture: strategic “Certification” is an additional integral realm. For best-in-class research, reference materials, tools, and processes, peruse these CERTegic pages.

Aviation development consists of an Aviation Ecosystem, portrayed by one key aviation certification company in the following diagram. Note the various guidelines which apply to different aspects of aircraft, systems, and processes. Note the interplay between ARP4761A, ARP4754A, DO-178C, DO-254, and the related Guidelines.

The figure below further differentiates the aviation development ecosystem:

  • CNS / ATM (Communication, Navigation, Surveillance / Air Traffic Management) deals with ground-based activities relevant to aircraft and flying safety.
  • Aircraft deals with the safety aspects pertaining to a single aircraft.
  • Avionic System pertains to safety aspects of a single system where an aircraft is comprised of many such avionic systems.
  • Airspace deals with flight planning, sector and national boundaries, and control of numerous aircraft/operations simultaneously.